Stylish Hi-Vis 






These Hi-Vis SafeWear garments are in development and not yet for sale.

My reflective and fluorescent designs appeared in the Beyond the Pattern Fashion Show 2018: See the video!

Lenni's Test Lab: My Hi-Vis buttons are both fluorescent and reflective, keeping me safe both day and night. Each button design shows how it looks during the day and at night.

Lenni's test lab for Hi-Vis Safeware Design

It's important to me to BE SEEN & BE SAFE when I'm walking or riding my bicycle in the streets! I like to customize my favorite clothing, knapsack (or bag) or hat with reflective and fluorescent materials that glow in car headlights.

My designs often start with something from By the Pound at the Garment District. I'm experimenting with several techniques for reflective design. Some involve the use of iron-on reflective and fluorescent vinyl and some involve sewing on fluorescent ribbon or fabric.

Here are some things I've made reflective and/or fluorescent:

  • backpack
  • fannypack
  • shirt
  • coat
  • jacket
  • shawl
  • vest
  • armbands
  • gloves
  • scarves
  • umbrella


I'm passionate about supporting sustainable lifestyles. As an educator, I designed animated interactives about climate change for high school students. As an activist, I co-organize Depaving Parties for Somerville residents who want to transform their paved driveways and backyards into raised bed gardens and other green spaces, improving the Somerville ecosystem.

Hi-Vis Safeware design is a satisfying challenge because of the purpose it serves in encouraging bicycling and keeping me safe.

I prefer reflective and fluorescent materials over blinking lights (LEDs) because no batteries are needed, and because the only time you need the designs to glow is at night in the headlights of cars driving by. The rest of the time, it's not drawing attention. Pretty slick, I think!

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